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Metal Chip Crushers
Metal Chip Crushers

The crusher is fed with chips in the inlet box. The chips are then dragged into the screw, where they are partly broken against the longitudinal "break edge". When the chips are fed into the inlet they are forced against a rotating "cutting tool" which cuts them up against a fixed tool.

• Low wear due to low crushing speeds ‘./ and few moving parts.
• Rejects bar ends in separate outlet (optional).
• Very low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.
• Easy replaceable cutting tools with reversible edges.

Metal Chip Crushers
Vertical Swarf Crusher KB

The crushers can accept large quantities and then reduce the swarf to an even flow of chips. This makes the crushers ideal for installation in a swarf handling system. The crusher is used in industries where the amount of swarf is an issue and before long swarf should be extracted, centrifuged or briquetted. An integrated bar end rejecter ensures high functionality and efficiency of the system.

• Very low operating costs.
• Versatile loading.
• Low noise level.
• Carbon steel.
• Stainless steel.
• Other alloyed steel with tensile strength up to 1200 N/mm2 or higher.
• Aluminium alloys.
• Sponge iron.
• Titanium.


Vertical Swarf Centrifuges VD 40
Vertical Swarf Centrifuges

• Very compact and robust with a minimum of floor space requirement.
• The blowing action eliminates the need for an output chip conveyor.
• The chips are continuously removed from the machining area keeping the working area clean. Ideal for high speed chip removal at machining centres and similar high productive machines.
• The compact and solid design in combination with vibrations mounts, makes the wringer silent in operation.


Horizontal Swarf Centrifuge HD
Horizontal Swarf Centrifuge

• Highest G-force of the existing chip Ni centrifuges on the market and, consequently, also highest separation of coolant and chips.
• The horizontal design will mean low operation and maintenance costs. All the components are easily accessible. Cleaning of the drum will take about 5-6 minutes, compared with other centrifuges, about 3-4 hours.
• Automatic emptying of the centrifuge after each working cycle allows easy cleaning and multiple materials to be processed in batch.


Tramp Oil Separators HM
Tramp Oil Separators

Tramp oil separator HM For separating tramp oils from coolants The Nederman tramp oil Separators have been designed to both effectively and economically remove harmful tramp oils resulting in both the extension of the fluid life and a reduction in the problems normally associated with tramp oil contamination.

• Prolongs useful life of machining V and washing fluids.
• Greatly reduces hazardous waste.
• Operates in a wide temperature range.


Conveyors for Metal Chip and Scrap
Conveyors for Metal Chip and Scrap

• Carry-over problems are minimised.
• Easy maintenance.
• Multiple discharge points are possible.


Magnetic Conveyors TM
Magnetic Conveyors

Magnetic conveyor TM The magnetic conveyor TM conveys fine ferrous swarf and particles with a minimum of maintenance, while separating the particles from coolant. Suitable for fine ferrous swarf and particles, such as short steel and cast iron chips.

• Low maintenance as the swarf or parts is conveyed on the upper side of the stainless sheet and is not in contact with the chains.
• Safe as all moving parts are totally enclosed.