Clamping & Locating Angle 300

Clamping & Locating Angle 300
Clamping & Locating Angle

Clamping & Locating Angles are manufactured from high quality ductile cast iron and specifically designed to handle heavy parts.

They serve equally well for stopping large parts, serving as table extensions, or building vertically. Cut outs are optimized for lighter weight and easier handling, while the hardening process makes them even stronger and more durable. New clamping & locating angles with slots provide more ways to create angled fixtures. locating angles come in two versions wit

Features :
• Can be adjusted flexibly for locating workpieces
• Can locate large workpieces
• be laid on the top surface of sides of the fixture
• high durability
• sustain the workpiece at right angles
• Made of cast
• Facilitate clamping and fixing of workpieces
• Extend the length of working table